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Dr. Nial Robinson, foreground, and Cattoor Livestock Roundup owner Dave Cattoor, mirror.  ..Contractors from Cattoor Livestock Roundup, a company based out of Nephi, Utah, work with officials from the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of Land Management to drive wild horses into a netted chute.  They are penned at the end of the chute and subsequently sexed and sorted.  Young animals are sent for further testing before being put into the adoption circuit; older horses are fertility treated and re-released.  Principles of range management limit the number of animals that a given plot of land can support and, with annual population increases of about 14%, the BLM works to round up excess wild horses...Cattoor Livestock Roundup is: Dave Cattoor (owner), Sue Cattoor (owner's wife), Troy Cattoor (owner's son) Shayne Sampson (ee), Cameron Warner (ee), Dr. Nial Robinson (ee), Mayci and Trae Cline (pilot's children), Dee Cline (pilot)..BIA is: Preston Smith (Range Management Specialist), Terry Meyers (Range Technician)..Wyoming Livestock Agency Brand Inspectors: Angie Leonardi, Harley Big Knife..BLM is: Scott Fleur, Roy (name)