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Greta Stentoft poses for a portrait in her home in Scobey, Montana.  Stentoft is the twin sister of Reba Hansen and is among Sawdey's many patients....One Doctor Town.  Scobey, Montana.  ..Scobey, Montana represents a small demographic of U.S. towns that is separated from major medical facilities by hundreds of miles.  More than 300 miles from the nearest large facility in Billings, Montana, Scobey's needs are tended to by Dr Sawdey.  Sawdey's  role is unique in a field where doctors tend to specialize in niche medicine; he runs the town's nursing home, attends in the emergency room consults in a family practice, does home visits for patients unable to come to the town's hospital, practice's sports medicine for the school's teams, and consults via video conference with specialists off-site.