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Medical marijuana in New Mexico.  ..Medical marijuana patient Robert Jones at his Las Vegas, New Mexico home.  After cancer treatments drained his savings, Jones became eligible for Section 8 housing.  Although open with the city, police, and his landlord, the county recently moved to terminate his Section 8 benefits because of his ongoing marijuana use.  After hearing testimony from Jones, his pastor, a city council-member, his doctor, and other community advocates, county commissioners decided to reinstate his benefits.  ..Jones received a medical marijuana patient card during his cancer treatments and continues to use marijuana for ongoing symptomsincluding appetite loss and depression.  Jones' cancer is currently in remission.  New Mexican law is extremely convoluted and provides only 11 licensed growers for the entire state.  State regulations on the matter continue to conflict with federal drug laws, making the matter evermore confusing...Also pictured is Jones' caregiver, Bill Emerick.  Emerick works with Jones for 45 hours per week, helping him with his chores, cleaning, medications, and marijuana cultivation. .. 1.  Photographer Name: Matt Slaby. 2.  Agency Name: LUCEO.~. 4.  Model Released: Yes . 5.  AARP Rights or Restrictions: None. 6.  AARP Contract #: 5174. 7.  AARP Assigning editor and business unit or publication: Wichita/Bulletin